The Chakra Energy Deck

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64 Poses and Meditations to Balance Mind, Body, and Spirit
Explore the healing power of awakening your chakras with this informative deck from the bestselling author of The Yoga Deck.
Health and well-being have long been attributed to the balance of the seven primary chakras—Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown—the vital energy centers within the body through which all life energy flows.
This illustrated deck offers 64 easy-to-follow exercises to help unblock and align your chakras through meditations, breath work, mudras, affirmations, and yoga poses.
With a booklet that provides an overview of each chakra as well as corresponding elements, colors, crystals, essential oils, and more, this deck is an invaluable tool for anyone interested in learning more about subtle energies and harmonizing mind, body, and spirit.

KNOWLEDGEABLE AUTHOR: Olivia Miller has authored several wellness and exercise card decks, as well as a hatha yoga reference book. She is a registered yoga instructor and leads workshops and classes about energy balancing and wellness techniques.

BRIMMING WITH INFORMATION: 9 cards per chakra (2 meditations, 2 breathing exercises, and 5 yoga poses) plus 1 aura card. Each card features an illustration, step-by-step instructions, a list of benefits, and an affirmation. The booklet includes an overview of each chakra, including associated colors, elements, gemstones, crystals, essential oils, flower essences, and foods—plus ways to identify imbalances and simple everyday activities to promote health.

EASY TO USE: Let your inner guidance direct you as there are many ways to use these cards. You can start with the first chakra and move sequentially through the deck or begin with a specific chakra that calls to you, or do a few exercises for all 7 chakras.

LOVELY PACKAGE WITH GREAT GIFT POTENTIAL: Delivered in a compact, portable package, this full-color deck is an empowering tool and a thoughtful self-care gift for yourself or for the mind/body/spirit enthusiast in your life.

Perfect for:
• Mind/body/spirit enthusiasts, spiritually curious
• People interested in self-care, holistic healing, and alternative medicine
• Meditation, yoga, Reiki, Qi Gong, crystal, and acupuncture lovers
• People looking for transformative tools for a happier and healthier life